Dutch Design Week 2013 is coming up. I am looking forward spending a couple a days in Eindhoven. I wil be staying at the BW Premier ART Hotel in the centre of the city. Last year I also visited the hotel but then it was only to check out the expo from Dutch Design Freak.

Dutch Design Freak is a website/shop which promoots established and upcoming designers. In march 2012 they celebrated the start of their new concept en during DDW 2012 they held their first exhibition at the hotel. All designers they represent have an education in design and all have a link with the Netherlands.

a short review from products and designers from last years exhibition


The beautifull paper designs by Jurianne Matter covered a complete 4 meters high wall.
Jurianne’s slogan is “a product to me is only really beautifull when it’s made with respect for men and nature”


Previous to my visit I already got in contact with Ulrike Jurklies thru Twitter. For her company Mo Man Tai she designs
a broad range of products. During last year’s presentation she showed how a particular product was made and even though she was very busy
she found time to  show me  around all products.

This year she will be exhibiting her beautifull new products


Studio Macura’s collection includes design objects and home accessories. 


We love bikes and especially when something is re-invented. Brik (dutch slang for bike) is a great city bike and without a chain!


 The tranparency of this cabinet by Dik Scheepers will change over the years as more and more things are stored. The fuller it gets, the less it reveals it’s content.
Displayed in the cupboard is porcelain from the collection Pieces of Pi which is Scheepers view on imperfection.  


Eindhoven based fashion designer Emily Hermans (MLY) develops the fabrics basicmaterial herself. She uses limited editions leftover-yarns and
uses lots of natural bio-degradable fibers. Using the coils with yarn in her presentation she definately was at the beginning of a a trend
which has been used by lots of stylists, magazines and shops.


 [envelope]books are handmade blocnotes and pocketbooks made from leftover enveloppes and Japanes washi paper.


↑   These beautifull bracelets and necklaces are from SMJD   ↓



You will find a full list of participants following this link. Do you want to know more about Dutch Design Freak and
the items available in their shop? Check their website!

Will I bump into you this Dutch Design Week?

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