You could say I’ve got quite a few favorite locations during Dutch Design Week. It will be a challenge to fit them all in my program. One of the locations I definately will not pass by is Kazerne & Loods. In the old days this building stationed a military police base and a former warehouse of the public works departement. This Dutch Design Week the complete 2500 m2 will be open to the public for the first time in many years. Next to the over 40 (international) top design talents, which are part of Kazerne Expo, there will be the launch of Kazerne Lab. Here designers and other creatives will form cross-overs to challenge social issues.

Just as last year the expo will be hosted by Eat Drink Design. New this year is Loodsrestaurant where Ronald Kunis (restaurant De Kas Amsterdam, River Café Londen) and Edwin Severijn (Sot-ly-Liasse) will be cooking you the greatest lunches and diners. Last year you could sit at the bar on the Saddle Stool by Vroonland & Vraandrager (new products this year!), this year you will be seated on chairs by Maarten Baas.

Do you feel like going yet? Take a look at my images of last year. I am pretty sure you don’t want to pass this one this year.


Eat Drink Design 2012, Kazerne & Loods 


Absolutely brilliant! is how I describe the work by photographer Lisa Klappe.  


Eat Drink Design has a lot of my favorite designers in their exhibition. I love the work by Ontwerpduo.  
Lisa Klappe did their official product photography. 


Unbearable champagne cooler by Alexander Pelikan 


Idiots make contemporary fairytales. It’s a bit bizar but I can’t help loving the magical mood.
In the image you see rabbit Bobby by Idiots.


Peintures by Marieke Peters 


Nice gradient Tallow candles by Ontwerpduo. 


Hidden Vase by Chris Kabel 


‘Cirkel’ coffee table 01 and poster ‘cirkel collection’ by Daphna Laurens 


Plaid ‘Paper Goat’ by Lio de Bruin 
Although she and Sjoerd Ebberink only  graduated in 2012 (see their work at the graduationshow)
they also exhibited at the expo at Eat Drink Design.


‘Vliegenkabinet’ by Idiots


↑ ‘Desktoop’ by Nienke Sybrandy  ↓



↑  Nuovo Mondo I en II by Grondvormen. Grondvormen is a collaboration between Sander Boeijink, Nienke & Jeroen Wand  ↓


Let me know if you went to Eat Drink Design during Dutch Design Week. Will you tell me your favorite item of the exhibition? Hope to hear from you!


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